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How to Publish a Bestselling Book to Attract your Dream Clients (Even if you Hate Writing!)

Establish your authority as THE expert on what you do and have your dream clients seeking you out.

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I remember when getting clients was the hardest part of my business. I loved my work, and I always wished I could spend all my time doing that, instead of constantly having to promote and market myself.

I was shy, and I was a little afraid of talking to people. But when I did, I always got super excited about their projects. I'd get all caught up in my vision of what we could accomplish together, and I'd pour my heart and soul into the proposal.

I knew I had to continually develop new clients to keep my business thriving. The other choice was the old feast-or-famine cycle. I’d been there, and I had no interest in going back.

But that didn’t stop me from daydreaming about what it would be like to have clients magically come to me, while I spent all of my work time in my zone of genius. While I was at it, I imagined unicorns—and actually taking weekends off!

Then I listened to a webinar about marketing books, and I realized: if I could get my readers from Amazon into my community, my books could do most of the selling for me. I had written a few books, but I'd never gotten them selling well, and my readers weren't making it back onto my mailing list.

A few modifications, and voila: I had leads coming in every week from my books! And I didn't have to do anything to get them. No trying to generate engagement on social media, no reaching out on LinkedIn, no networking functions. What a relief! I could focus on doing what I love, and let my book go out and find me clients.

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Nothing says “I’m an expert” and “You should do business with me” more than being a bestselling author on the topic.

—Chandler Bolt

The great thing about leads who have read your book is that they're already bought in. They've just spent a few hours soaking in your voice, your expertise, and your way of doing things, so they're much more qualified than leads from other sources.

They trust you. They like you. They respect you.

They're bought in to your way of doing things, so if they're ready to get support, you're the obvious choice.

Your readers aren't just leads. They're customers. And you don't have to pay to get them. They pay you.

Publishing a bestselling book that showcases your expertise has a lot of advantages.

Establishing your authority as THE expert in what you do

Making more money and making it more predictably by creating a steady stream of incoming prospects. (So long, feast-or-famine cycle!)

Getting booked for speaking gigs and other opportunities more easily

Having dream clients seeking you out, instead of having to work hard to promote your business

More time and energy to focus on doing the work you love (maybe even taking some time off!)

Expanding your reach and being able to help more people—including the ones who can't work with you one-on-one

I have prospective clients reaching out to me every week from my books.

Once I got this right, I had so many opportunities coming in, I couldn't handle them all. I created a certification program and trained 10 people in my method. Now I refer most of my business to them and spend my days doing only what I want to do.

This business model has given me my dream life, and I want to share it.

Introducing Author • Expert • Bestseller

I've created a program called Author • Expert • Bestseller, and it's designed to help you apply the exact same model I used for my books and my clients' books. Here's what you'll learn.

Planning your Showcase Book

  • Getting clear on your book's message, so it will speak directly to your ideal clients
  • Laying out your process to form the blueprint for your book, so it will help your readers get present to their desires and lead them to want more from you
  • Brainstorming freebies to turn readers into leads

Designing your Book to Sell

  • Researching the competitive landscape to create a Unique Selling Proposition for your book
  • Developing your irresistible hook so your book will be easier to sell
  • Keyword and category research for organic sales on Amazon
  • Packaging your book to maximize sales

Writing your Book—Quickly!

  • The framework for writing your book quickly
  • How to create your book from your workshop or e-course
  • How to create your book from your signature speech
  • How to create your book by speaking
  • How to create your book by writing
  • How to publish your book

Setting up for Leads

  • Choosing the most effective freebies to offer, so your readers will eagerly join your email list
  • Building professional, appealing freebies using tools you already have
  • Setting up the systems to nurture your readers into fans automatically
  • Strategically using your book launch to expand your reach and multiply your mailing list

Launching to Bestseller

  • Step-by-step instructions for creating a successful launch
  • Launch case study: DOs, DON'Ts, and lessons learned
  • Essential launch infrastructure (what you need, what you don't, and how to set it up)
  • Getting support to maximize your launch
  • Low-cost, effective ads to propel your book to bestseller (including how much to spend, where, and how to set it up)

Selling your Book Long-Term

  • How to stay a bestseller long after the launch is over
  • Setting up profitable ads to keep your book selling, bringing in leads, and making you money in the long term
  • Optimizing your funnel to increase sales and profits

The reality is: as many as 80% of people want to write a book. But most never do.

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If you want to be the one who "wrote the book" on what you do, it can't be just any book. You need a showcase book that helps your ideal clients:

  • "Get" what you do
  • Feel a connection with you
  • Recognize the pain caused by the problem you solve
  • Understand and believe that you can deliver results

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

It has to sell.

If you miss any of those key elements with your book, it will join the millions of books already in Amazon’s junkyard. Unfortunately, most self-published authors miss all five of these key elements.

I know, because I’ve been helping my clients publish their books since 2012. I’ve seen what happens when people get it right, and what happens when they get it wrong.

Did you know that most self-published books sell fewer than 100 copies? That’s not 100 copies a month or 100 copies a year. It's 100 copies total—ever. (Including the author's mom.) You can imagine how many clients the authors get from that.

Nobody is born knowing how to publish a successful book, but anyone can learn. You don’t even have to be a good writer—or a writer at all, for that matter. When you join Author • Expert • Bestseller, I'll guide you through the whole process, from planning and writing your book to publishing it, launching it to bestseller, using it to multiply your reach, and setting it up to keep bringing you leads like clockwork in the long term.

If you're ready to write a top-quality book that stands up to anything you see in the bookstore, establishes your authority, and brings you qualified leads month after month, Author • Expert • Bestseller is for you.

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Here's what you'll get.

Author • Expert • Bestseller is an online program, delivered by video.

The six-module video course, guiding you through the entire process of planning your showcase book, publishing it, launching it to bestseller, and using it to multiply your following.

Bonus: Complete transcripts for every video lesson, so you can learn by reading if you prefer

Bonus: Handouts and worksheets covering all of the material, so you can review what you learn and easily implement the process for your book.

Bonus: Printable master workbook, so you can go through all of the course material anywhere

Bonus: Downloadable audio for all video lessons, so you can listen and learn on the go

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Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit to get six months interest-free!

When I offer this as a done-for-you service, I charge $28,000 and up.

And it’s worth it. Becoming a bestselling author is priceless.

If someone had handed me this system back when I was starting out, I would have paid thousands—and it would have paid for itself many times over, between the impact on my career and all the time I would have saved.

Normally, this program would cost $6000. But you don't have to pay $28,000, $6,000, or even $5,000. Instead, you can join us today for only $2997.

If you win just one new client from your book, the program will more than pay for itself.

But it's not just about that. What's the value of the added authority and visibility of publishing THE book on Your Thing? What's the value of being a bestselling author (a title you get to keep forever)? And what's the value of having a steady, reliable stream of prequalified leads coming to you, already bought in to your expertise and already having spent money with you?

Your bestselling showcase book can open all kinds of doors for you in your business. That's why I created this program, and I hope you'll join today.

Need a payment plan? No problem. Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit to get six months interest-free.

Just fill in your information at bottom of this page to get immediate access to all the videos, all the audios files, the transcripts, handouts, worksheets, all the bonuses—everything.

Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit to get six months interest-free!

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One-Year Full Results Guarantee

If you implement everything that I show you in this program, and you don't end up with a bestselling book that brings you leads, I will give you 100% of your money back AND plan a brand new launch for you, to get your book to bestseller. I'm so confident, I'll give you a whole year to try it.

Here's what a few of my clients had to say.

5-star review“Perfect! Could not be happier. I look forward to doing more with Cara.”

—Leonard Zerman


5-star review“Cara was a joy to work with. Super quick, super efficient with outstanding professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

—Terriane Palmer-Peacock


5-star reviewCara offers an amazing service - She is responsive, creative, objective, and detail oriented. A real pleasure to work with. We will definitely work with her again and are already discussing the next project with her.” 

—Eliot Burdett


5-star review“Cara S. is an outstanding book and book cover designer. I was more than pleased with her skills and her personality. She is worth her fees and I would hire her again in the future without hesitation.”

—Michele Silvera


5-star review“Cara is highly-skilled and communicative, and does top-quality work. She was very professional and proactive, anticipating my needs before I even mentioned them. She added value to my project above and beyond what was required. Cara is incredibly personable and easy to work with.”

—Sara Hohn


5-star review“I had such a great experience working with Cara Stein! She is very capable and did exactly what she promised. I enjoyed her intelligence and sense of humor as well. Next time I need to hire someone for a similar project, I will definitely want to work with her again.”

—Beth Niebuhr


5-star review“The only ghostwriter I've ever worked with who really GETS it and can write in your voice...only better. Absolutely nailed it and delivered a perfect product.”

—Ari Meisel


5-star review“Great writer and proofreader, she will be an asset to your team.”

—John Adams


5-star review“Terrific to work with. Very knowledgeable – helped me beyond the scope of the project. Using Cara will make your life easier!”

—Ann Ward


5-star review“LOVE IT! ...You have taken a good idea and turned it into a great book. Thank you!!!”

—Glenn Gow


5-star review“An awesome person to work with!!! She deserves 10 stars!”

—Murry J. Evans


5-star review“Very few people put the time, energy and attention into their clients' work the way Cara does. She made sure my book was presented compellingly in the Kindle format, without compromising quality. Because of that, we're positioned to bring in more sales and experience more growth being on a new, rapidly growing platform on Amazon. I'll continue to use her again and again, and refer her to anyone that needs to convert their book to Kindle to increase sales.”

—Jonathan Mead

Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit to get six months interest-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm a terrible writer and I hate writing?

You can create your entire manuscript without writing a word if you want. This program includes multiple non-writing options, including how to build a manuscript from your workshop, e-course, or audio recordings. This is a lot easier than it may seem. At the height of my freelancing career, this was my most popular type of project.

Will my book be good if I create it through this program?

I'm not interested in helping people publish bad books. Ultimately, your results will be determined by what you put into it, but my aim is for everyone who goes through this program to publish a book that's every bit as good as any traditionally published book.

How do I know the book will actually help my readers?

Before you write a word, we'll plan your content to make sure it's exactly what your readers need.

How do I know the book will actually sell?

Before you start writing the manuscript, we'll guide you through identifying the unique selling proposition and irresistible hook for your book. You'll do some quick, easy market research to find out what gaps you can fill in the marketplace. You'll identify the most powerful promises you can make to your dream clients, and then you'll write your book to deliver those promises. It will be created to sell from the very beginning.

What if I don't know anything about writing a book or publishing?

No problem! I created this program to teach you what you need to know.

What if I'm super busy? Will I have time to do this?

As a fellow business owner, I'd be surprised if you weren't super busy! This program comes with two project plans that you can customize to meet your needs. One will guide you through the complete process in three months. The other will guide you through it in an hour a day. You can customize whichever plan is right for you so that you can finish and publish your book in a way that works with your life. You'll also have lifetime access to the materials, so if something comes up, you can pick up where you left off whenever you're ready.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer financing through PayPal Credit to give you six months interest free. To take advantage of this option, check out with PayPal, then scroll down through the payment methods and choose PayPal Credit. Most people are approved in two minutes or less.

What if I'm no good at marketing?

This program will make your life a lot easier! I'll show you how to launch your book to bestseller and keep it selling consistently, so it can act as your marketing department and keep bringing you leads as time goes on.

What if I'm a huge introvert and hate putting myself out there?

This program is actually perfect for you. Your book launch can be done with a minimum of human contact, and after that, your book can be out there doing the face time and building relationships for you. I'm an introvert myself, and this business model has been an immense relief for me.

How long will this program take?

The learning portion of the program contains about three hours of videos altogether, so you can get up to speed on the whole program quickly. Of course, how long it takes to actually implement it will depend on how much you outsource, whether you already have a workshop you can use as the starting point for your book, and how fast you work.

I wrote my last book in five days and went from absolutely nothing to paperbacks in my hands in less than two weeks. But that’s pretty crazy, right? A more reasonable schedule would be eight to twelve weeks if you’ve got good support.

What if I have another question that's not answered here?

Email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer it for you.

Need a payment plan? Check out with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit to get six months interest-free!

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About the Instructor

Cara Stein is an idealist who has stopped trying to play it cool. She believes the only reason people don’t like business or marketing is that they don’t know how to do it well—yet. She's often praised for her no-bullshit style and her wry humor.

Cara has been helping people finish and publish their books since 2012. She’s guided over 200 books through the publishing process. She’s also the bestselling author of five books of her own, including How to be Happy (No Fairy Dust or Moonbeams Required), Getting Unstuck, and Finish and Publish: Write the Book You’ve Always Wanted to Write. Her peeves include chipmunks, fakery, and the word “peeve.”



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